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bhive design is a Toronto based interior design studio specializing in projects for commercial and residential clients. Collaborative in nature and passionate about quality, principal interior designer/owner Karen Bigiel embraces a "think outside the box" attitude. Unwavering creative vision,  eclectic sense of style and intuitive ability to connect with client's needs, allows bhive design to create spaces that are timeless, functional and inspiring...

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meet karen

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Karen is a graduate of Humber College Interior Design Program and has an extensive background in corporate and commercial interior design spanning 20 years.  Passionate about all things design and a desire to work for herself after a hiatus raising a family, Karen set her sights on starting  bhive design  in 2013 with the intent to collaborate with other contemporaries and pursue her own projects. 


Karen is a minimalist at heart with eclectic tastes and a desire to embrace sustainable practices, incorporating vintage furnishings and clients personal treasures  to create spaces with personality and soul.  

I have a fetish... an irrational reverence or obsessive devotion to design, a desire to create spaces that are functional, motivating and that elevate your senses, but mostly it's an inherent desire to be inspired and inspire others"  kb
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