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TESTIMONIAL  "I'm sure my wife has already expressed this, but I will take the liberty of stating it myself (and on her behalf) that it has been a pleasure working with you.  I know from her prior experience with clients, there is often tension within couples and between clients and designers.  We felt none of that and our marital relationship is as strong as ever.  A referee was never required"  RC aka "Dr. Crust"



This stunning principal ensuite renovation is situated on a narrow one way street in the heart of Toronto's ANNEX .  The Victorian row house, already artfully  renovated in most areas of the home, was in need of a major update in the principal bedroom and bathroom. The clients  impeccable flair for design and the arts played a primary role in the evolution of the final design.  Sleek, industrial, warm and whimsical, these contrasting elements mimic the existing architectural sensibilities throughout the home and were instrumental  in establishing final finishes and furnishings.   A prerequisite in the design stages, the custom cabinetry was thoughtfully planned  to maximize every inch of wall space.  Passionate about refined design, the clients gravitated to many finishes and furnishings from Italy including bathroom fixtures, faucets, custom closets, lighting, marble and wall mural.  Given the age of this Victorian home,  built in the1800's, there was never a dull moment during construction....this project is newly finished and final photos are in the works...check out our Instagram page which show progress photos during construction.


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